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About This Play/Drill

Belmont trailed by 1, with 20 seconds left, in their first round match-up with Maryland. Coach Byrd decided to hold for one shot, and ran the counter to their "Panic Backdoor set." It is a great late clock action, but the ball pressure led to a deflection. It is worth having in your back pocket as a pressure release at the end of games.


NCAA Tournament: Viewing Guide by Style of Play

  • Basketball Play - Belmont Bruins - "Panic Reverse" (Late Clock)
  • Basketball Play - Belmont Bruins - "Panic Reverse" (Late Clock)
  • 4 sets a high pick and pop for 1

    5 flashes across the lane

    1 stretch dribbles and jump stops

  • 2 sprints up for a fake DHO

    3 sprints to ball side corner

    5 lifts to the ball

    On a pivot from 1, 4 back cuts