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About This Play/Drill

Drill for inside-out threes on the catch, judging closeout distances and attacking closeouts. Credit: @MG_Basketball

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  • Basketball Play - Four Line Closeout Reads
  • Basketball Play - Four Line Closeout Reads
  • Basketball Play - Four Line Closeout Reads
  • Drill begins with four players spaced around perimeter. Player 1 passes to player 2 and follows into a closeout. Coach may ask for a short, long or traditional closeout to vary the read to begin (phase B). In later reps the defender can make any closeout (Phase C).


    Player 2 read the closeout and either shoots or drives. Player 1 replaces player 2 on perimeter.


    SHORT Close Out = Shot


    LONG close out = Drive the closeout


    Traditional close out = move the defender (footwork, shot fake, PASS [One More])

  • Player 2 must get own rebound whether the shoot or drive to rim.


    Player 2 then passes to Player 3 then follows into the closeout. Player 3 reads closeout and makes shot/drive decision

  • After the drill has cleared two spots, the next player in line (Player 6) joins the drill by passing to Player 1 in corner and following into close out. Player 1 now has shot/drive read.


    Player 3 passes to player 4 and follows with closeout. Player 4 has shot/drive read.


    This drill continues with this pattern.