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About This Play/Drill

This BLOB has become our go to call against any team that likes to play zone in baseline out of bounds situations. In the video clip below we ran this play against a 2-3 zone, we were down two with 0:05 seconds left and were able to convert a "And 1" on the play to win the game. Although this play only has one scoring option, in the 2017-18 season we scored 12 out of 15 times when running this set!

  • Basketball Play - Kansas Jayhawks - Box Zone BLOB
  • Basketball Play - Kansas Jayhawks - Box Zone BLOB
  • 2 pops for a catch


    3 with timing gets a catch at the wing

  • 3 drives it hard to the action


    1 as the decoy sprints hard to the wing pulling the wing defender with him


    5 seals the middle of the zone


    4 finds the open area