Shot Clock 1v1 - FastModel Sports

Published 08/17/2018 by Michael Shaughnessy Favorite Send to FastDraw Print Embed
  • Basketball Play - Shot Clock 1v1

Drill Description

- Player's 1 & 2 start at the top of the key.

- Coach (C) starts with the ball next to jump circle.

- The coach will yell out "ball" to initiate the drill.

- When the coach calls out the command, player 1 will sprint to the jump circle to receive the basketball and player 2 will sprint to touch the baseline and sprint back to recover.

- Once player 1 receives the basketball, the coach starts to countdown the amount of time player 1 has to create a shot.

- The player has 7 seconds to make a quick decision and create a shot.

- Score the player stays on offense. If player 2 gets a defensive stop, they switch to offense.

- Play to a certain amount of points determined by the coach.