Shift and Closeout 1v1 - FastModel Sports

Published 08/17/2018 by Michael Shaughnessy Favorite Send to FastDraw Print Embed
  • Basketball Play - Shift and Closeout 1v1

Drill Description

- Coach starts with the ball. Player 1 starts in the slot and player 2 starts on the elbow.

- Player 1 will shift away towards the wing (blue).

- Player 2 must stay on the elbow ready to closeout once the coach passes the ball to player 1 (red).

- Once the coach starts to pass the ball to player 1, player 2 can closeout (green) and play is live.



- Compete first player to 3pts.

- If you score you stay on offense. Defense goes to offense on a stop.

- Start with a 3 dribble maximum. Every time a player scores, they lose a dribble. Ex. If a player has 1pt, the player has 2 dribbles. 2pts, the player has 1 dribble, etc.