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About This Play/Drill

This is a shooting drill I started using this summer that adds decision-making for the player and holds them accountable to to be shot ready at all times. The pace of the game is always changing where players have to make quick decisions when receiving the basketball. Coaches can't stand when the ball "sticks" and there is a lack of movement. Players have to develop these reactionary skills in order to be one step ahead of the defense when receiving the ball that will not just benefit the player, but the team. Adding in "commands" where players have to process information during drills is an element that I feel will take skill development to a another level. 

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  • Basketball Play - Blind Shooting

Drill Description

- Coach starts with the ball under the basket.

- Player 1 will start at the top of the key with their back facing the basket (eyes are looking at opposite end of the court).

- Coach will call out commands as it pertains to the level of the player (make it challenging).


Examples of Commands

- Coach will always call out "Ball" for the player to face up to the basket.

- The next command will be a spot on the floor the player will have to relocate to or may call out the top of the key (Spots shaded in yellow - "right wing, left corner" etc.).

- As the player moves to the spot the coach calls out, the coach will give the player a series of different commands where each command can mean a different type of shot.

- For example: A COLOR means catch and shoot. An EVEN NUMBER means pull up jump shot to the left. An ODD NUMBER means pull up jump shot to the right. The coach can make the shot selections more advanced depending on the level of the player.

- The player will stay at the spot they moved to and repeat the same series.

- Go for a certain amount of makes.