Kobe 3-Point Shooting Drill - FastModel Sports

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About This Play/Drill

Drill to rep catch and shoot 3's after making sharp cuts. Goal is to make 4 shots in under 18 seconds. 

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  • Basketball Play - Kobe 3-Point Shooting Drill
Diagram 1
Player 1 starts inside the half court circle. Their partner (player 2) will be the passer, rebounder, and time player 1 in the drill
- Player gets ready to get a shot at the top of the key (green). If player misses, has to start back at half court.
- If player makes shot, player will then go to touch the right sideline and get a shot from the wing (blue). If player misses, repeat (touch sideline).
- If they make it, they sprint to the opposite sideline to get a shot from the left slot (purple).


Diagram 2


- Once player makes the shot, they sprint back to touch half court and get another shot from the top of they key (orange). If player misses from left side slot, touch left sideline and repeat. Miss from the top, touch half court and repeat.


- Goal is to make 4 shots under 18 seconds