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Published 08/05/2018 by Diccon Lloyd-Smeath Favorite Send to FastDraw Print Embed

About This Play/Drill

France use a false drag screen in early offense to loosen pressure on the PG, who then enters DHO with 3. 5 times the PNR for pistol action (DHO into PNR). 4 clears to the weak side corner and 3 lifts to the wing. 4 also has the option of flare and hammer screens.

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  • Basketball Play - France - False Drag Pistol
  • Basketball Play - France - False Drag Pistol
  • 4 sets false drag screen.
    1 DHO with 3.

  • 5 sprints to set PNR after the DHO for pistol action.
    4 clears to weak side corner and 2 lifts.
    If 3 declines screen or PNR action breaks down, 4 has option to set flare or hammer screen.