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About This Play/Drill

Circle Shooting Jumpstops is the perfect drill to teach and emphasize the two-foot jumpstop and finishing strong in the paint. We like to piggy-back this drill with Circle Shooting. It is slightly more advanced, but very complimentary in building great footwork.

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  • Basketball Play - Circle Shooting Jumpstops
  • Basketball Play - Circle Shooting Jumpstops
  • *Circle Shooting Jumpstops flows best with at least 5 players and 2 basketballs (Drill Credit: Coach Joseph Cooley).

    -Player 1 circle cuts around the cone or chair (aka Coach).

    -We emphasize a good, timely pass and a two-foot jumpstop, or what Villanova refers to as the "Bully".

    -After Player 1 catches on the move, going downhill and jumpstops on both feet at the same time, he closes his shoulder and shoots immediately.

  • -Immediately after passing, Player 2 circles cuts and repeats the same action going the to the opposite side. Meanwhile, Player 1 gets his own and takes the ball to the line he is going to.

*After a few minutes or certain number of makes, we will progress to the next three moves: 2) Shot Fake 3) Inside Pivot (aka Up&Under) 4) Outside Pivot.