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About This Play/Drill

Cleveland frequently runs this play to get a 3pt shot for JR Smith (2) off of a stagger screen. It is a difficult action for Smith's defender to guard, since he has to navigate his way around 3 screens. This play also puts the ball in LeBron James' hands so he can make the read on how to get the ball to Smith.

NBA Finals Preview: Cleveland Cavaliers


  • Basketball Play - Cleveland Cavaliers - Hawk Stagger
  • Basketball Play - Cleveland Cavaliers - Hawk Stagger
  • 1 dribbles to the wing.

    2 cuts to the basket off the screen from 3.

    3 pops out to receive the pass from 1.

  • 2 cuts off the stagger screen from 4 and 5.

    3 passes to 2 for the shot.