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About This Play/Drill

As important as individual form shooting is to a player becoming a great knockdown shooter, it isn't always a realistic use of your practice time; especially when you have limited time or a smaller facility. This drill will allow you to work on the same concepts in a group setting. 

Jr. Wizards Coaches Manual


  • Basketball Play - Team Form Shooting
  • Basketball Play - Team Form Shooting
  • Basketball Play - Team Form Shooting
  • Basketball Play - Team Form Shooting
  • Form two lines, one on each wing (foul line extended). The line on the right wing is the passing line, the left wing is the shooting line.


    Shooting line cuts in to the center of the foul line - low, shot ready and showing a good target - and receives the ball from the passing line. (ok to move younger players to dotted line instead of foul line)


    After the catch the player squares themselves to the rim and takes a jump shot.


    Key Points:

    --Be Shot Ready - low and showing a target before the ball touches your hands

    --Square Your Shoulders to the Rim

    --Reach Up & Out - hand to the center of the rim, elbow at eye level, follow through on your shot

  • After either a set number of shots or a set time, have the shooting line shoot a one dribble pull up.


    After the catch the player rips the ball low and tight across their body and takes one dribble with their left hand before pulling up for a jump shot.


    Key Point: Have the player "short hop the ball." Do not let the ball bounce up, which will often cause the player to lift out of their stance. Go get the ball and keep your body low until you're into your release.


    Modification: Add a third option of a floater.

  • What is done on the right must be done from the left. Repeat rules from frame one.