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About This Play/Drill

The Washington Wizards run this set when inbounding the ball from the baseline. The play leverages their guards' ability to screen, shoot on the catch, as well as have enough "gravity" to force the defense to make a decision on the Slice cut. Scott Brooks uses it often when Bradley Beal is in the game. The play call is "4."

  • Basketball Play - Washington Wizards - Slice STS BLOB

3 inbounds the ball with 2 and 5 parralel to one another on the low blocl and 4 between them near the elbow.

1 spaces out on the weak side and is a non-factor except for an emergency pressure release pass.

2 sets a Slice screen for 4. 3 can pass to 4 on the basket cut.

5 sets a screen for 2 going towards the corner. 3 can pass to 2.