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The Kansas Jayhawks used this after timeout play during their Elite Eight game to get 5 a wide open basket at the rim. 1 passes to 2 causing x5 to shift with the ball. 5 sets the ball screen for 2. As 2 passes the ball to 1, 4 screens x5 in the middle of the zone. Kansas put a good shooter in the corner (3), making x4 stay with him. This opens up 5 for the layup off the pass from 1.

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  • Basketball Play - Kansas Jayhawks - Zone PNR Seal
  • Basketball Play - Kansas Jayhawks - Zone PNR Seal
  • 1 passes to 2 then cuts away from the ball.

  • 5 sets a ball screen for 2.

    2 dribbles off the ball screen and passes to 1.

    4 screens the middle defender in the zone.

    5 cuts to the basket off the screen from 4.

    1 passes to 5 for the shot at the rim.