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About This Play/Drill

In the Western Conference Finals the San Antonio Spurs ran the corner flare action a few times against the Memphis Grizzlies.  I didn't see it much against the Miami Heat in the NBA Finals.  Here they utlized a zipper screen to get the 3 man the ball at the top of the key allowing #9 Tony Parker to run off 3 screens.  After 2 set his screen he sprints to the wing that Parker started in.  With all of the focus on Parker the ball goes back to the wing.  The big comes to ball screen, which is rejected as #20 Manu Ginobili drives baseline.  #9 Tony Parker drifts to the corner, and #21 Tim Duncan has two options based on his positioning and his defender, duck in and look for the drop down pass or set flare screen for Parker.

  • Basketball Play - Spurs Zipper Triple Flare
  • Basketball Play - Spurs Zipper Triple Flare
  • Basketball Play - Spurs Zipper Triple Flare
  • 1 dribble enters to the wing. 3 runs off a zipper screen from 5 and gets a pass from 1. 4 moves to the elbow, and 2 moves inside the arc.

  • Once 1 gives the ball up he runs off 3 screens from 5, 2, and then 4. After 2 sets his screen he pops out to the wing and gets a pass from 3.

  • 2 rejects the ball screen set by 5. 1 sprints to the weakside corner. 2 looks for 4 on the drop down or 1 in the corner. 4 can move up and set flare screen for 1.