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About This Play/Drill

This is a defensive drill that during my three years at Cleveland State we did a multiple times a week.  It incorporates a lot of things and teaches/practices fundamentals while letting the guys get after it and be competetive.  The back tip and convert drill allows you to learn how to back tip the ball properly and then transition immediatly into offense so you work on your 2 on 1 breaks.  The key to this drill is the back tipper needs to sprint, and tip the ball up with his inside hand.  Don't reach, just run the floor and tip the ball.  A really great defense to offense drill while teaching a unique skill.

  • Basketball Play - Back Tip & Convert
  • Basketball Play - Back Tip & Convert
  • This drill is used to teach the proper way to back tip the ball. There are two lines one on the baseline and one at half court. The first guy in line on the baseline has the basketball. He dribbles up the floor at an average pace, allowing the defender behind him to sprint and catch up so he can back tip the ball to his teammate at half court.

  • 4 collects the loose ball off 2's back tip. 1 after turning the ball over becomes the defensive player and we play 2 on 1 with the back tipper and the half court player being the two offensive players. Drill rotation you go from the baseline to half court line. If you have enough players both back tipper and dribbler switch lines together.