Pacer Zipper Roll & Replace - FastModel Sports

Published 06/16/2013 by Kevin Bruinsma Favorite Send to FastDraw Print Embed

About This Play/Drill

In this set the Indiana Pacers ran #24 Paul George off a zipper screen to create seperation before getting a ball screen from #55 Roy Hibbert.  On the ball screen #21 David West rolls up for a roll & replace action.

  • Basketball Play - Pacer Zipper Roll & Replace
  • Basketball Play - Pacer Zipper Roll & Replace
  • 1 dribbles down to the wing, 3 moves down the floor and runs off a zipper screen from 4 getting pass from 1. 2 moves to the corner.

  • on 3's catch 5 comes to ball screen. 1 drifts into shooting range on the wing. 4 rolls up to bring his defender out of the hole. 5 rolls to the basket.