11 - FastModel Sports

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About This Play/Drill

Here is a BLOB play we use late in the season against Man defenses.  Generally we call it after a timeout when we want a good shot.

  • Basketball Play - 11
  • Basketball Play - 11
  • Inital alignment is in a box set, with the 5 on the ball-side block and the 4 on the ball-side elbow. 2/3 are interchangeable but we like to sent our best shooter (2) off the screen to the corner.


    1. 5 will set a screen for the 4 to sprint to the corner.


    2. As that is happening the 2 will set a back screen (screen the screener action) for the 5 to make a rim cut.


    3. The 3 is the safety and he will take two steps to the free throw line and then sprint deep.

  • 4. After setting the screen for the 5, the 2 will receive a cross screen from 4 and cut to the corner looking for the shot.


    - The 4 will cut and post on the ball side block, looking for the ball on the switch.