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About This Play/Drill

At the end of regulation of Game 4 versus the Brooklyn Nets, Chicago Bulls head coach Tom Thibodeau drew up this play to force overtime. The play did not directly lead to a score but did put Joakim Noah into position for the tip-in.

  • Basketball Play - Diamond Flare
  • Basketball Play - Diamond Flare
  • 5 (Boozer) screened down for 1 (Hinrich). 3 (Deng) inbounded to 1. 5 and 4 (Noah) set a double flare for 2 (N. Robinson). 1 hit 2.

  • 2 wasn't able to get a shot off so he attacked the rim. WIth the Nets' defense shifting 5 hit 3 (Deng)'s man with a screen for a catch & shoot 3-pointer.