41 twist - FastModel Sports

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About This Play/Drill

Here is another set that was run by Utah State during the 2010 season. This is a great quick hitter to get a quality look at the basket before getting into your motion offense. I would reccomend this set to anyone that is looking for a quick hitter that is hard to defend. 

  • Basketball Play - 41 twist
  • Basketball Play - 41 twist
  • Basketball Play - 41 twist
  • 1 passes the ball to 4 and then cuts to the wing off a flare screen from 5. 2 moves to the low block as the ball enters the high post.

  • 4 passes to 1.

  • 4 and 5 then set an elevator screen for 2. 2 pops out looking for a three point shot. 4 slips to the basket after setting the screen.