Elbow Iso - FastModel Sports

Published 04/28/2013 by Daniel Murphy Favorite Send to FastDraw Print Embed

About This Play/Drill

The Sacramento Kings ran this sideline inbounds play with less than one minute left in their 112-108 loss to the Clippers on 4/17/2013.  DeMarcus Cousins had a big game scoring 36 points and scored on two inbounds plays with less than a minute left to keep the game close.  If you have a matchup advantage it is a good idea to isolate the scorer and let them do what they do best.  

  • Basketball Play - Elbow Iso

2, 1, and 4, spread the court

1 takes a couple steps towards 5 as if to set or use a screen

3 inbounds to 5

5 drives for a layup