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About This Play/Drill

Late in the 1st half, Purdue ran this BLOB to get a wide open layup on a slip to the rim by their big man. Multiple back screen options allow the slip if the screened defender fights over the screen, or if they get stuck, a pitchback for a wide open 3 in the corner.

  • Basketball Play - Purdue - BLOB Handoff Slip
  • Basketball Play - Purdue - BLOB Handoff Slip
  • 2 fakes the downscreen for 1, 1 fakes using it and goes off cross screen from 4 to the ball side corner.


    2 fades to the top of the key.


    4 pops to receive the ball at the mid post extended inside the 3 point line if 1 is not open in the corner.

  • 3 comes off 1's cross back screen for a handoff from 4 and turns the corner hard.


    4 looks to pin 1's defender for a pitch back to 1.


    3 pitches to 2, who hits a slipping 4 to the basket after x1 fights over the screen.