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About This Play/Drill

At 14:40 in the first half, Purdue ran this quick hitter to get a great look on a post isolation from a high low pass. Swanigan, 5 in this case, is Purdue's go to post player, but he is also a threat to hit the three which opens up the lane for his counterpart, Haas, the 4 in this case. The action starts with a dribble handoff on the wing and ends with a seal in the paint.

  • Basketball Play - Purdue - DHO Cross Hi-Lo
  • Basketball Play - Purdue - DHO Cross Hi-Lo
  • 1 enters to the wing with a dribble hand off to two, who is rising from the not so deep corner to receive.


    5 (Swanigan) sets a cross screen for 4, who immediately posts on the opposite side of the lane.


    5 pops to the slot for the pass from 2

  • 4 seals his defender on his back and works into the middle of the lane for the high low pass from 5 on a post iso.


    2 sets pindown for 1.


    3 rises as a relief on the ball side high wing.