Villanova Swirl Go - FastModel Sports

Published 03/17/2017 by Adam Spinella Favorite Send to FastDraw Print Embed

About This Play/Drill

Jay Wright runs this beautiful set to the the Wildcats a quick strike before the half against Mount St. Mary's. While initially making the set look like a mid ball screen with shooters surrounding it, PG Jalen Brunson quickly turns it into a fake dribble handoff on the wing where he can get downhill and attack the rim.

  • Basketball Play - Villanova Swirl Go
  • Basketball Play - Villanova Swirl Go
  • While 1 dribbles up, 2 and 3 cross around the top of the key while 4 raises to the key.

  • While it initially looks like a ball screen in the middle from 4, 1 dribbles over towards 2 as if it is a dribble handoff. Instead of handing off, 1 keeps it and drives hard to the rim. 5 flares for 3 high on the weak side to take away help from the basket.