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About This Play/Drill

With 13:22 left in the second half, St. Mary's ran this SLOB into Horns action for a layup. They had their best three point shooter on the ball side to eliminate help, leading to a 1 on 1 footrace between the point guard and his screened defender. 5 is their best player, and he uses his body to shield 1's defender from the ball on the laker cut.

  • Basketball Play - St. Mary's - SLOB Horns Rub
  • Basketball Play - St. Mary's - SLOB Horns Rub
  • 3 takes the ball out of bounds above the hash mark. (3 is best shooter - Hermanson)


    3 inbounds to 1 as 4 is at high post, 2 drops to weak side corner.


    3 sprints inbounds to ball-side corner and 5 lifts to ball-side high post.

  • 5 posts hard at the elbow and demands the ball.


    5 steps to the high wing to catch the entry from 1.


    As 5 catches, 1 sprints around and 5 uses his backside to screen 1's defender.


    5 passes to 1 for a layup.