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About This Play/Drill

Gary Williams at the 2002 Nike Championship Basketball Clinic  (Uncasville, CT) put this Flex quick hitter on the floor.

The inverted 3-out 2-in set, give the defense a different look.


  • Basketball Play - Flex Entry

Start in Inverted 3 out-2 in

5 downscreens for 2

While 3 backscreens for 4


1 passes to 2 on the wing

5 looks to post up; if post up is not there, 5 cross screens for 4

(4 receives backscreen then crossscreen back-to-back -- quick action, not backscreen then crossscreen)


5 clears to the perimeter

3 begins to balance the floor


2 reverses to 1

1 reverses to 3


4 sets flex screen

2 comes off the flex cut

1 downscreens for 4


Continue flex action