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About This Play/Drill

Fastbreak League is a fun, competitive team drill. It is also ideal for bigger groups; such as youth practices or a camp setting.

  • Basketball Play - Fastbreak League
  • Basketball Play - Fastbreak League
  • Divide equally into 2 teams of 6 or more (if you happen to have 8 or more on a team we recommend running 4's rather than 3's). To begin the "league", simply play out a 4-on-4 (4's) possession as shown here. Meanwhile, team 1 positions the next 3 players in line back on defense (2 back if only running 3's).

  • Team 2 fastbreaks accordingly (long cutters, inbounder, outlet, etc). Team 1's 4th player will not step on the court until after the ball crosses the timeline. In doing so he will sprint to the center, put a foot inside the circle before getting back on defense. Meanwhile, team 2 now positions their next 3 players in line back on defense. Scoring team may be permitted to "press" at coach's discretion.