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About This Play/Drill

The Lady Blue Devils of Duke have a veteran team back this year in the ACC led by Tricia Liston & Haley Peters.

This play is a dribble entry action designed to get a quick post-up action for the 5 or get the best shooter free off the double staggered screen.

Joanne P. McCallie is in her seventh season at Duke and has won three ACC Coach of the Year Awards during that time.  Coach P has guided the Blue Devils to a 174-35 overall record, a 77-13 mark in ACC action and six NCAA Tournament selections, including a No. 1 seed in 2009 and four straight Elite Eight appearances.

The Lady Blue Devils are currently 12- 1 overall their only loss coming to the UCONN Lady Huskies.

  • Basketball Play - Lady Blue Devils 1-4 High
  • Basketball Play - Lady Blue Devils 1-4 High
  • Basketball Play - Lady Blue Devils 1-4 High
  • 1 (Gray - 12) dribble enters to the wing

    2 (Jones cuts down to the block and moves to set a diagonal back screen for 5 (Williams - 1) who cuts to the ball side post looking for a quick entry pass

    4 (Peters - 33) pops out setting up the next action
  • *If the post pass is not open

    2 (Jones - 2) turns to set the first stagger screen and 4 (Peters - 33) comes into set the second stagger screen for 3 (Liston - 32) who comes off the stagger looking to catch & shoot
  • 3 (Liston - 32) looks to penetrate to the open side as 4 (Peters - 33) & 2 (Jones - 2) pop out after setting the staggered screen

    5 (Williams - 1) turns and rolls baseline looking for a possible pass off the penetration