Michigan ATO Quick Hitter - FastModel Sports

Published 11/29/2012 by Dana Beszczynski Favorite Send to FastDraw Print Embed

About This Play/Drill

John Beilein used this quick hitter from a timeout against North Carolina State in their ACC/Big Ten match-up.  North Carolina State had closed the gap to five points, but Hardaway Jr.'s basket out of this set pushed the lead to seven and secured victory.

  • Basketball Play - Michigan ATO Quick Hitter
  • Basketball Play - Michigan ATO Quick Hitter
  • Morgan sets a high middle ball screen for Burke who dribbles to the wing and executes a DHO with Hardaway Jr. who raises from the corner for the DHO at the FT line extended

  • Once Morgan sets the ball screen for Burke, he turns and sprints into a wing screen with Hardaway Jr. who uses the screen to penetrate the middle. Morgan makes a rim run looking for the pass. Burke rolls behind looking for the kick-out pass