Hawk Rip - FastModel Sports

Published 11/28/2012 by Kyle Brown Favorite Send to FastDraw Print Embed

About This Play/Drill

A quick hitter to get a post touch out of the pick & pop.  The pick & pop to a duck in is a tough action to guard for the defense.  This set gives you 2 options to score.  Timing in the play is really important so that the ball can be entered into the post.

  • Basketball Play - Hawk Rip
  • Basketball Play - Hawk Rip
  • 1 dribbles to the wing to start the play

    4 upscreens for 2 into the post

    5 goes to the block

  • 4 turns and ballscreens for 1

    4 pops off ballscreen and catches as 2 cross screens for 5