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About This Play/Drill

When you have a post player like Robert Carter and a point guard like Melo Trimble, it may sometimes seem like a coach can run anything and it would work. But you have to respect Mark Turgeon’s thinking on this play to put one of his best players in a good position to do what he is best at. This is a good set for any team, especially ones where a team has guards that have a hard time entering the ball into the post. The combination of the ball screen for the guard and the backscreen for big to the same side makes the post entry easy to make.

  • Basketball Play - Maryland Terrapins - Box Shuffle

5 sets a ball screen for 1 as 1 dribble enters to the wing. 3 sets a back screen for 4 who dives to the strong block. 1 enters to 4. Other 4 players space out around the perimeter