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Matt Wheeler has spent the last 10 years coaching in the Orlando, FL area.  For the last 6 seasons he was at Olympia High School where he spent time as assistant boys varsity coach, head girls varsity coach, and head boys varsity coach.  During his tenure there he saw 4 players reach the Division 1 level and 12 players receive basketball scholarships.

Previously, Coach Wheeler was an assistant coach at Montverde Academy under then head coach Kevin Sutton.  While at Montverde Academy he assisted with player development, conditioning programs and created team playbooks and scouting reports. Coach Wheeler's experience also includes winning the 2008 3A Girls Basketball Florida State Championship as an assistant at Bishop Moore Catholic High School.

Coach Wheeler was born and raised in Portland, Oregon. He got his coaching start at Cascade College where he was the student assistant for the women’s basketball program while also participating on the men’s JV basketball team. Coach Wheeler resides in Orlando, Florida with his wife Kiana. 

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Basketball Play - Kansas - SLOB Iverson Lob

Kansas - SLOB Iverson Lob

Matt Wheeler 03/24/2017

Kansas finished off a run with this SLOB play in their sweet sixteen game against Purdue. 1 makes a zipper cut to receive the inbounds pass from 4. 4 makes an Iverson cut off of screens from 3 & 5. Once x4 curls over the top of 5, x5 has to provide help at the rim. In this play he didn't and 4 was able to get the lob dunk. Another key is 1 selling the Iverson cut for 4 by following him with the dribble. 1 cuts back before the cut to the rim to set up a better passing angle. See More

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Basketball Play - USC - Circle Reject

USC - Circle Reject

Matt Wheeler 03/20/2017

USC ran this play as a counter to their circle handoff in their game against Baylor. They ran this same play multiple times with 1 coming off of the down screen from 3 to get a dribble handoff to attack the rim. This time 1 rejected the down screen and scored on a backdoor layup. See More

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Basketball Play - Butler - PNR Rip Lob

Butler - PNR Rip Lob

Matt Wheeler 03/19/2017

Butler opened the second half of their game against Middle Tennessee with this back screen lob play. 4 sets up the play by faking the screen for 3 then popping back out to get the ball from 1. 2 then sets the back screen for 5. This puts the defense at a disadvantage by forcing a smaller player to help on the lob pass to 5. See More

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Basketball Play - Saint Mary's - Elbow Flex Step Up

Saint Mary's - Elbow Flex Step Up

Matt Wheeler 03/19/2017

Saint Mary's used this play in their game against Arizona to isolate their 1 and 4 for a pick and roll situation. The Gaels start in an elbow set with 1 making an entry pass to 5. The flex screen by 1 and the down screen from 4 are all decoy actions so they can get 1 the ball back and he can create out of the step up ball screen. See More

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Basketball Play - Middle Tennessee - 1-3-1 Zone Variations

Middle Tennessee - 1-3-1 Zone Variations

Matt Wheeler 03/17/2017

Middle Tennessee has made it out of the first round of the NCAA Tournament as the underdog two years in a row. One of the keys to their success is the unique variations of the 1-3-1 defense that they use. They play a very aggressive version of the zone but what makes them different is how they rotate out of it to completely change their defense in the same possession. This can slow the opposing offense down and force them to get into a play late in the shot clock. See More

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