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Basketball Play - Triangle Cross

Triangle Cross

Randy Brown 04/02/2013

If getting the ball to your posts in the paint is part of your game plan, this play will help. It incorporates ball reversal, cutting and screening. This can be run to the left or right side of the floor, depending on which post, 4 or 5, you plan to get open to score. You can use your three man as the scorer also in a mis-match situation. See More

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Basketball Play - Dive Decoy

Dive Decoy

Randy Brown 03/24/2013

This is a quick hitting play that uses 4 as a decoy. 1 passes to 2 and hold his spot. 4 dives to right block demanding the ball. 5 cuts off 4's tail to set quick down screen for 3. Look for 3 to be open for a split second in the middle of the lane. Give it a try! See More

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Basketball Play - Rebound, Flash, Score Drill

Rebound, Flash, Score Drill

Randy Brown 03/21/2013

Super combination drill that incorporates offensive seal, post moves, catching, playing through contact and passing. Many different options of the drill can be created by putting defenders on perimeter players to work on their passing skills. A time saver drill hat will help your practice be more productive. See More

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Basketball Play - Baseline Cutter Special

Baseline Cutter Special

Randy Brown 03/13/2013

In this special, staggered screens free cutters along the baseline. 4 cuts baseline first as a decoy. He catches on left wing from 1. 2 and 5 continue their staggered screen action for 3. 3 can cut, catch and score or cut and post on the left block. Final option is for 5 to use 2's screen to curl for quick shot in the paint. Give it a try! See More

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Basketball Play - Yo-Yo Post Set

Yo-Yo Post Set

Randy Brown 03/08/2013

This popular play will produce baskets by getting the ball inside to your best post scorer. The spacing on this play is excellent as 4 and 5 execute the Yo-Yo action using down screen and back screen. Use this as a quick hitter or ATO for post score. See More

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Basketball Play - Flood Action for 2 Man

Flood Action for 2 Man

Randy Brown 03/03/2013

Flood is a quick hitter that can produce a jump shot or quick post feed. Flood means that three players will get to one side of the floor; right side, in a quick manner. This will put 2 alone on left side so he can take advantage of 5's hard down screen. Timing and floor positioning are important. This play will yield a quick basket most of the time. Give it a try. See More

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