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Basketball Play - BLOB Slip HI LO


Gibson Pyper 03/20/2015

Purdue runs a nice BLOB vs 2-3 zone. The initial action is not what gets a layup, its the combination of all 5 players moving at the same time. The keys to this set is 3 slipping into the middle of the zone after inbounding the ball and at the same time 5 slips his screen to look for the ball, with two wing players distracting the wing defenders, this action forces the zone to guard either the wings who can shoot it or the bigs inside. See More

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Basketball Play - Horns DHO PNR


Gibson Pyper 03/19/2015

Cincinnati ran this Horns set 3-4 times throughout the first half against Purdue. The goal of this set is to create mismatches either on the Pick & Roll with replace action, or to force the defensive bigs to switch and then post up on the mismatch created. See More

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