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Basketball Play - K-St.


Dave Nedbalek 07/03/2017

1- Break up to the top of the key when the ref gives 3 the ball. 3- Do not slap the ball to start. When 3 takes the ball that starts the action. Hit 4 over the top. 4- Make sure you step across your man and then up. Dont allow him to get between you and the ball. 1- Look to hit 3 in the middle of the lane 2- Cut up one step and then screen 3's man. Be on the move when the ball is in the air to 4. 3- Cut under the rim into the middle of the lane 5- Cut your man up toward the wing 5- When 3 catches it and you have jogged your man up, backdoor cut hard for the pass from 3 See More

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