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Basketball Play - Miami Heat - Line Slip Lob SLOB

Miami Heat - Line Slip Lob SLOB

Kostas Kalogeropoulos 03/10/2019

Special SLOB play that coach Erik Spoelstra ran as an ATO vs Golden State. Out of a line formation at the elbow, 3 curls around 4 and 5 (stack) and clears to weak side corner. At the same time, 2 curls around the stack and gets the ball at the top as 1 steps into wing area. 5 turns and sets a a fake screen for 3 to come off, then slips and cuts to basket to receive a lob pass from 2. Timing and misidirection is crucial. #FastDrawArt See More

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Basketball Play - Fenerbahce - Choice Flare BLOB

Fenerbahce - Choice Flare BLOB

Kostas Kalogeropoulos 02/23/2019

Fenerbahce's head coach Zeljko Obradovic ran this BLOB play vs Baskonia, during a Euroleague game for the 2018-19 season. A simple yet effective way to get the ball to the point guard out of an angled choice set, an then a flare screen for a shooter is set. See video below! More Euroleague team content: Olimpia Milano Pick and Roll Actions Zalgiris Kaunas ATO + EOG Series Real Madrid Pin Down Sets See More

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Basketball Play - Milwaukee Bucks - Ram STS Action

Milwaukee Bucks - Ram STS Action

Kostas Kalogeropoulos 01/07/2019

Milwaukee Bucks' head coach Mike Budenholzer runs this play to exploit Giannis Antetokounmpo's roll to the basket in an empty side or his shooters coming off a down screen at the top. In case defenders switch on the side pick, offense should target the mismatch situation inside (Antetokounmpo vs any point guard). Center should flash to the ball after setting the down screen and look inside if defenders switch (another mismatch option). Click for more Pick and Roll plays! See More

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Basketball Play - Real Madrid - Transition Flash

Real Madrid - Transition Flash

Kostas Kalogeropoulos 01/04/2019

Real Madrid's head coach Pablo Laso runs a lot of transition actions in order to find open shots. This one is for sharpshooter Jaycee Carroll, who sets a cross screen and then exits through a double (stack) screen. Power forward pops out in case his defender helps on the curl and center seals inside for a high-low option. Blog Post - Pin Down Series: How Real Madrid Creates Open Shots See More

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Basketball Play - Olympiacos - STS Flare

Olympiacos - STS Flare

Kostas Kalogeropoulos 09/15/2018

A simple yet effective play that coach Giannis Sfairopoulos of Olympiacos run during the 2017-18 Euroleague season. The misdirection stagger screen and the screen-the-screener action force defenders to commit, so the flare screen set by the center at the end of the play is difficult to disrupt without switching a big onto the opponent's point guard. See More

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