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Basketball Play - Michigan State-Curl

Michigan State-Curl

Jake Presutti 03/21/2014

This was a half court set Michigan State ran in the Big Ten Conference Championship game. The first option was for Travis Trice coming off a down screen. Michigan State will then set a back screen for their point guard, looking for a lob at the rim. The ball will then be passed into the post (Adreian Payne). Michigan State will then set a cross screen for Gary Harris, who will curl looking to receive a pass going to the rim. See More

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Basketball Play - Louisville- Option For Shooters

Louisville- Option For Shooters

Jake Presutti 03/20/2014

Louisville ran this set in the AAC Championship game vs Connecticut. The first option out of transition is to get a quick down screen to get Luke Hancock a quick 3pt shot. If that is not open, Louisville will then look for a flare screen for their point guard. The last screen is for Russ Smith to come off a down screen on the opposite side of the court. If Smith does not have a play he will look for Montrezl Harrell in the post. This set gives Louisville options on the offensive end and allows their playmakers freedom on offense. See More

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