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Basketball Play - 54 Double ATO

54 Double ATO

Dymetrius Ware 02/13/2019

54 Double is a play out of a modified Horns set. The 4 and 5 end up setting two consecutive stagger screens (the first being a ball screen, second a traditional stagger screen for 3 to come off). Great set to get a 3pt look. Playbook: 50 ATO Quick Hitters See More

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Basketball Play - 1v1 Closeout Drill

1v1 Closeout Drill

Dymetrius Ware 10/14/2018

This a very good closeout and conditioning drill. The defender is working on 3 phases: Getting into help Stunting the ball Moving on the pass and closing out correctly on the offensive player The ball becomes live and the offensive player can either shoot or drive. Click to view latest FMS Plays of the Week See More

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Basketball Play - Curl Shooting Drill

Curl Shooting Drill

Dymetrius Ware 09/15/2018

Game speed passing and shooting drill coming off curls. Make sure the shooters are coming off with hands and feet ready. Passers must make good direct passes to the shooter for a clean catch and shoot. However, consider this idea: Mix it up with one set of all bad passes to rep catching and shooting imperfect passes. See More

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