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Basketball Play - Loyola Chicago - X Press Break

Loyola Chicago - X Press Break

Jordan Petersen 03/23/2018

Up 1 point with a little over one second left in the game, Loyola-Chicago needed to inbound the ball safely to secure the game. The Ramblers ran this press breaker and got an open look for the player curling around the screen. From the FMS Blog: Final Four Breakdown: Loyola-Chicago Ramblers: Executing on Both Ends Recipe for Success: Loyola-Chicago's Ball Screen Offense See More

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Basketball Play - Villanova M-M Press Break

Villanova M-M Press Break

Kevin Bruinsma 05/02/2016

Villanova excelled all year long in special situations and this press breaker was no exception. A very simple action in design that could have been very easily stopped if the back screen was just switched. In terms of getting the ball in this play will almost always work against a M-M Full Court Defense, be clearing out the front court it’s easy to just enter the ball to the 2 guard. In this specific case Villanova hits the home run and gets an And 1, however all of the options were open. The 2 was open, 5 was open coming back to the ball and the 1 would have been open if he continued running forward after setting the screen. See More

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Basketball Play - Playbook: Top 25 Plays of 2018

Playbook: Top 25 Plays of 2018

FastModel Sports 11/18/2018

The most downloaded plays of the year, conveniently put together in one playbook, just for you. Download to FastDraw using the button above, or grab the PDF here. Check out this blog post for more details on the individual plays! Shout out to #TeamFastModel for its contributions in making this playbook and the PlayBank an amazing resource for basketball coaches! Thanks for your support in 2018! See More

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Basketball Play - Dos


Rory Hamilton 08/01/2017

Dos is our 1/2 court press offense vs. any type of odd trapping zone 1/2 court zone. 2-1-2 Alignment: 3, 4, and 5 are in the rotation and 1 and 2 are stationary. On a guard to guard pass, the strong side block player flashes to the wing while the weak side corner player flashes to block to attack weak side. The 4 man posts hard at the FT line area and always tries to be available. On a short corner/block pass, the high post player dives to the rim for a pass and the weak side guard spots up for a potential kick out pass for a 3pt shot. On any high post catch we follow the same rules as our normal zone attacks: 1. shot 2. hi-low 3. skip opposite for 3pt shot. If the ball is skipped opposite, the continuity of the offense continues as 3 now flashes to corner area and 5 looks to attack the weak side block. On pass to the corner the 5 sneaks across the zone and the offense can continue. See More

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Basketball Play - Touchdown


Rory Hamilton 08/01/2017

This play can be run after a made FT or after your opponent scores and calls a timeout. It utilizes the same alignment as our normal press break so it is hard to scout. It begins with our point guard running the baseline and our 5 man flashing hard to the ball. The 2 man pops out-of-bounds and receives the pass from the point guard. Once the 2 catches the ball the 3 man flashes hard to the elbow and then to the corner to draw the defense. The 4 flashes to weak side elbow and demands the ball. After passing the ball to the 2 man the point guard takes off deep and utilizes the 4 man's screen to get open. See More

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Basketball Play - Run & Jump/Scramble Break

Run & Jump/Scramble Break

Rory Hamilton 08/01/2017

Regular Press Break Set-up: 2 will diagonal screen for 1 man and point has option of going high or low off the screen. The 2 will always break opposite the 1 man. If point guard catches the 2 immediately diagonals out and looks for quick pass to middle and 3 vs. 2 opportunity. The 3 man also diagonals out and looks to circle if his man goes to trap the dribbler. Here the defender leaves to trap the dribbler and 3 recognizes and circles back as a pressure release. The point must stretch the trap and look to find open player. If they rotate successfully to take away the pressure release, then the weak side guard recognizes and flashes to middle of the court. Same actions as the 1 man is not open and we throw to the 2 man sealing her defender and rolling back to the basketball. If the ball gets to the middle of the floor, then the player immediately looks to attack the potential 3 vs. 2 that is created. See More

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Basketball Play - Buddy


Rory Hamilton 08/01/2017

Regular Press Break Set-up except point guard takes the ball out of bounds: 3 will diagonal screen for 2 man and 2 man has the option of going high or low off the screen. The 3 will always break opposite the 2 man. After passing to either the 2 or 3, the point guard immediately cuts hard down the middle of the floor for a quick return pass. This is effective against teams that trap the first pass in either man or zone. If the point guard is not open on the cut, then the ball is reversed through the 3 man and then to the post player 5 flashing sideline. When the 5 man catches his reads are sideline, middle, or reverse it again. The 4 flashes middle, the point guard flashes sideline and the 2 player sprints wide and becomes throw over option. If the ball is passed middle, the receiver immediately looks to pass it opposite for a potential (2 vs. 1) against the defense. See More

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