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Basketball Play - C of C Box Diagonal

C of C Box Diagonal

Kyle Brown 10/02/2012

A play from Bobby Cremins and the College of Charleston. This set play has a lot of options to it: 1) 4 posting up. 2) 2 coming off stagger to the top, and 3) 3 coming off a baseline screen. The play could finish in a lot of different ways, but easiest would be a high/low look for the 4 posting off the baseline screen. See More

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Basketball Play - 1 Reverse (4)

1 Reverse (4)

Kyle Brown 10/01/2012

This set is great action for your 4 man if he can hit the pick & pop jumper. This also allows your PG to come off of 2 ball screens and create. Depending on the type of players you have, you could switch the 4 & the 5. Doing this would allow for a roll & replace action off the 2nd ballscreen. See More

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Basketball Play - Wide PNR w/ pindown

Wide PNR w/ pindown

Kyle Brown 10/01/2012

A good wrinkle with a lot of action. The corner downscreen stretches the defense, and the downscreen for a shooter will occupy backside help. One of the best with this action (ballscreen & downscreen) is Williams College. They really drill this concept and then have certain reads to make out of the next pass. One of their favorite actions is to then have the person who set the ballscreen turn and flare in for the 1. See More

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Basketball Play - Knox STS

Knox STS

Kyle Brown 10/10/2012

A misdirection look to get the ball inside. 1 has to be a tough player to go and dig out the 5 man on the cross screen. 1's defender goes from chasing a back screen to helping on a cross screen. Can finish into a STS action. See More

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