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Basketball Play - Patriot Chin Stagger

Patriot Chin Stagger

Justin Scanson 01/11/2016

This Princeton Chin set starts with a dribble handoff and quick reversal. As the guard comes of the backscreen, the 5 steps out for reversal. The guard who came off the backscreen then sets a screen for the 4. The 4 stops and 2 cuts back for a stagger screen set by 4 and 1. See More

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Basketball Play - Kansas - High Low

Kansas - High Low

FastModel Sports 12/08/2015

Here we take a look at the Kansas High Low Offense with a single screen option. This offense is run as a more complex alternative to the traditional motion offense. By moving one post to the top of the key, the alternating post has room to work inside the paint. Guards are constantly moving and cutting. This keeps the defense shuffling and the offense open for shots off the pass or dribble. - See More

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