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Basketball Play - Spain - Elevator Horns

Spain - Elevator Horns

Matt Wheeler 08/09/2016

Spain often runs a unique entry into their Horns sets. They start with an elevator screen for 3, which gets him the ball in the top of the key area. 1 & 2 then cut to the corners to get into the Horns formation. They have different options depending on who sets the ball screen. If 5 sets the screen, he rolls to the basket and 4 pops. If 4 sets the screen, he immediately goes off of a flare screen from 5. If nothing is available 5 follows the ball for a pick & roll. See More

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Basketball Play - Horns Double

Horns Double

Matthew Monroe 07/23/2016

#1 comes off a ball screen from either #4 or #5 Ater #1 comes off a ball screen, #4 and #5 set a double staggered screen away from the direction in which #1 used the screen (in this case, #1 came off #4's screen going to the righ side of the floor, so #4 and #5 set a staggered screen for #3 who is in the opposite corner) See More

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