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Basketball Play - Horns Get

Horns Get

Randy Sherman 02/06/2017

France commonly uses the ball screen as the initial action in their Horns alignments, but it is the second ball screen that is the real catalyst. In “Horns Get” the point guard, French superstar Tony Parker of the San Antonio Spurs, dribbles off the first ball screen and drags his man to the wing. The screener cuts away wide to the sideline to space as the other lifted big comes over to “get” Parker open with a ball screen on the wing. Parker then has a double gap (shaded area, Frame 3) to attack coming out of the ball screen. The screener rolls to the rim and the wing in the corner runs “back action” to counter his man tagging the roll man. See More

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Basketball Play - Horns Wide Go

Horns Wide Go

Randy Sherman 01/25/2017

Horns can force less mobile defenders to guard in space and France exploits this by using “Horns Wide Go.” Action begins with a Parker ball screen and wide pop. Parker executes the throwback pass to the screener Boris Diaw as Rudy Gobert cuts to open gap space. Forced to hedge on Parker, defender is late getting back to Diaw leaving him free to attack in double gap space. See More

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Basketball Play - Spain - Elevator Horns

Spain - Elevator Horns

Matt Wheeler 08/09/2016

Spain often runs a unique entry into their Horns sets. They start with an elevator screen for 3, which gets him the ball in the top of the key area. 1 & 2 then cut to the corners to get into the Horns formation. They have different options depending on who sets the ball screen. If 5 sets the screen, he rolls to the basket and 4 pops. If 4 sets the screen, he immediately goes off of a flare screen from 5. If nothing is available 5 follows the ball for a pick & roll. See More

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