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Basketball Play - Purdue - Weave Horns Rip

Purdue - Weave Horns Rip

Aseem Rastogi 03/19/2017

Coming out of halftime in their round of 32 matchup with Iowa State, Purdue ran this quick hitter for a layup. It starts with three players along the baseline (could start as 1-4 low if using as a quick hitter in half court offense, not off an inbounds) into horns using two dribble handoffs, and ends with a rip screen for a backdoor layup. See More

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Basketball Play - St. Mary's - SLOB Horns Rub

St. Mary's - SLOB Horns Rub

Aseem Rastogi 03/17/2017

With 13:22 left in the second half, St. Mary's ran this SLOB into Horns action for a layup. They had their best three point shooter on the ball side to eliminate help, leading to a 1 on 1 footrace between the point guard and his screened defender. 5 is their best player, and he uses his body to shield 1's defender from the ball on the laker cut. See More

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Basketball Play - West Virginia Horns Set

West Virginia Horns Set

Dana Beszczynski 03/05/2017

West Virginia variation of the Horns Set to get Nathan Adrian a clean look at the 3 pt shot 5 Macon can look to slip if the defense overplays the screen out of the corner 2 Carter can turn the corner and attack off the DHO action The Mountaineers send two to the boards from the weak side putting a lot of pressure on the defense to box out and defend the shot See More

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Basketball Play - Horns Get

Horns Get

Randy Sherman 02/06/2017

France commonly uses the ball screen as the initial action in their Horns alignments, but it is the second ball screen that is the real catalyst. In “Horns Get” the point guard, French superstar Tony Parker of the San Antonio Spurs, dribbles off the first ball screen and drags his man to the wing. The screener cuts away wide to the sideline to space as the other lifted big comes over to “get” Parker open with a ball screen on the wing. Parker then has a double gap (shaded area, Frame 3) to attack coming out of the ball screen. The screener rolls to the rim and the wing in the corner runs “back action” to counter his man tagging the roll man. See More

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