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Basketball Play - Pacer Misdirection

Pacer Misdirection

Kevin Bruinsma 06/18/2013

The Indiana Pacers ran this set a few times in the ECF against the Miami Heat. They utilized mis-direction against an aggressive Heat defense to keep Miami on their toes. Following the UCLA screen and flex screen the 1 man then turns right back around to get the 3, letting #24 Paul George run off a stagger screen. This brought the 1 off a down screen and gave him the ball back in a better scoring area for him to create. See More

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Basketball Play - Pacer Iso BLOB

Pacer Iso BLOB

Kevin Bruinsma 06/15/2013

This BLOB ran by the Indiana Pacers vs the Miami Heat was run to get two possible results: 1.) #24 Paul George mid-range jumper running off the stagger screens. 2.) #21 David West isolation from the elbow or in. Indiana got it to West in one of his favorite scoring spots, close to the basket so he could operate. See More

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Basketball Play - UCLA-Flex


Daniel Murphy 04/17/2013

The Los Angeles Clippers ran this in the second half vs. the Los Angeles Lakers in the Clippers 109-95 win on 4/7/12. It provides a post up for a 4 man coming off a flex screen from a 1, and a mid range jump shot for the 1, coming off a down screen from a 2. It is a counter to a stagger screen which the Clippers also used. See More

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Basketball Play - SLOB - Ballscreen into Post Touch

SLOB - Ballscreen into Post Touch

Luke Riegel 09/20/2012

This sideline out of bounds set is something that we like to run because it provides an opporunity for our best penetrator and ball-handler to attack off the bounce to an open side. Having a 4 man that can shoot it from the perimeter helps stretch the defense and opens up the lane for 5 to duck-in at the rim. We've used the stagger screen as false-movement to occupy the defense, but it could also be a beneficial scoring option. See More

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