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Basketball Play - Horns Elevator

Horns Elevator

Kyle Gilreath 12/04/2013

Last night in their buzzer beating loss to the UCONN Huskies, the Florida Gators ran this elevator play to revive their offense in the 2nd half. This is a play that ESPN Analyst Seth Greenberg talked about during the broadcast, breaking down the elevator screen. I drew the 5-1 pick in grey because it does not have to be added but is a nice tweak. In the event you need a 2 in this situation, a quick slip from 5 is also a nice option after setting the screen. See More

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Basketball Play - Three-Man Weave Drills

Three-Man Weave Drills

Alan Peel 09/08/2013

I have had great success in using this drill as a way to get my players warmed up and for team-building purposes. The players must make a specified number of lay-ups before moving on to the next stage (from five passes to four passes to three passes to being done). For a lay-up to be considered to be "made", the ball must not touch the floor at any time and the lay-up must be shot with the proper hand. Make absolutely sure that your players are catching the ball with their feet in the air and coming to a jump stop. This will prevent them from developing bad habits by traveling with the ball. For more, check out my website, sign up for a membership and get your first 30 days free. See More

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Basketball Play - San Antonio Spurs WCF Sets

San Antonio Spurs WCF Sets

Kevin Bruinsma 05/31/2013

Here is the best stuff from the San Antonio Spurs in their 4-0 series sweep over the Memphis Grizzlies in the Western Conference Finals. There are quite a few plays as I wanted to be able to give you the Spurs playbook of their most successful actions and offensive sets. To best enjoy and learn from these play diagrams I recommend that you watch the video which is linked below as all of the diagrams are listed in order with the video clips. See More

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Basketball Play - Mavericks Dirk Iso

Mavericks Dirk Iso

Jacob Collins 05/19/2013

This is the last counter in a series that the Dallas Mavericks used against the Miami Heat in their title run in 2011. Rick Carlisle does an excellent job of recognizing the strengths of the players that he has on the floor and taking advantage of those strengths. In this play sequence Jason Kidd is the (1), JET Jason Terry is the (2), Shawn Marion is the (3), Dirk is the (4), and Tyson Chandler is the (5). This set is a great example of getting your best scorers. Dirk (4) and Jason Terry (2) in position to do some damage. See More

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Basketball Play - Oklahoma State's 15 Flare Down

Oklahoma State's 15 Flare Down

Mark Travis 02/05/2013

Down four to the #2 ranked Kansas Jayhawks on the road in the Phog with just over four minutes left, Oklahoma State head coach Travis Ford called a play for his 5'11" (and that is generous) freshman point guard that was previously 0-for-6 from deep to get a three-point look. Naturally. The Cowboys put the Freshman point guard in a number of screen situations, with the end result being a three-pointer that Forte nailed to bring the Cowboys within one. It was this shot by Forte that sprung OSU's run down the stretch, resulting in one of the rarest things in college sports: A Jayhawks loss in Phog Allen Fieldhouse. And it was all thanks to some great play design, patience and execution by the Cowboys in a very tough environment. See More

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Basketball Play - 3FTC: Zone Set #1

3FTC: Zone Set #1

Greg White 08/12/2012

This is a fun set to install. The players will love it and you'll love the result. We use a pass I first saw late one night watching FIBA basketball on NBATV. Think Manu Ginobili type play. Your player passing will sprint to the baseline, jump out of bounds and complete a cross court pass. I like this pass because if the defense tips it you get to run a BLOB (see my other posts) and most defenders, mine included are going to stop at the baseline. If they don't, again, hit them and its a BLOB opportunity. Drill included See More

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