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Basketball Play - Hook in Special

Hook in Special

Randy Brown 04/15/2013

This play will free 4 man in the lane for a quick score. 1 dribbles out to wing and 2 uses 5 to get free for three. 4 screens across lane for 3. As screen is set, 4 turns over left shoulder to catch quick pass from 1. Timing is crucial to make this play happen. Give it a try! See More

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Basketball Play - "5"


Dana Beszczynski 04/07/2013

Andy Endfield has a lot of coaching influences, one of them being Rick Pitino and not only does he do a good job with their match-up zone and changing defensive looks, but also on the offense end being able to open the floor and use spacing properly to get players good looks to score. Here is a good high PNR action looking to hit the post man rolling in the lane See More

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Basketball Play - Wing Dive Post Iso

Wing Dive Post Iso

Dana Beszczynski 04/04/2013

The Oregon Ducks were a #12 seed in the NCAA Tournament, but proved they belonged getting to the Sweet 16 before being knocked off by the Louisville Cardinals. Coach Dana Altman has the Ducks program heading in the right direction and this is a great isolation set used in their 3rd round game against St. Louis. The Ducks finished the season at 28-9. See More

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Basketball Play - Triangle Cross

Triangle Cross

Randy Brown 04/02/2013

If getting the ball to your posts in the paint is part of your game plan, this play will help. It incorporates ball reversal, cutting and screening. This can be run to the left or right side of the floor, depending on which post, 4 or 5, you plan to get open to score. You can use your three man as the scorer also in a mis-match situation. See More

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Basketball Play - Hand Off with High Pick & Roll

Hand Off with High Pick & Roll

Basketball HQ 03/25/2013

With this play have your 5 man set the ball screen and you best shooting/passing big do the replacing. As your 5 rolls and your 4 replaces the 4's defender may stay in help defense allowing an open shot for him. Work with your bigs on walking their defender down after setting the ball screen and sealing as the pass is going to 4. This play is from the 2012-2013 Wisconsin Green Bay season. See More

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