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Basketball Play - SoB (2 plays)

SoB (2 plays)

Dana Beszczynski 05/02/2013

In Play 1 SOB 2 is your inbounder 5 steps up to screen for 3 who cuts first to the ball side corner looking for a quick pass 1 sets a back screen for 4 looking for the lob at the rim SOB 5 4 & 3 screen simultaneously for 1 & 2 (5 has the option to hit either one if they are open) 4 screens across for 3 who comes to the ball and receives the pass 3 swings the ball to 4 as 1 is cross screening in the lane for 2 who comes off the screen looking to catch & shoot 1 continues across the lane and screens 5 who dives hard to the ball side post looking for a pass from 2 if no shot was taken See More

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Basketball Play - Post Flex Stagger

Post Flex Stagger

John Leonzo 04/23/2013

Here is a play that is run from a low stack set. This is a great set to run to get you some good looks at the basket before you get into your motion offense. This is a great set because it gets you multiple looks for shots around the basket, as well as an option for a three pointer on the weak side of the floor. See More

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