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Basketball Play - Virginia Cavaliers - Euro Shake + Empty Counter

Virginia Cavaliers - Euro Shake + Empty Counter

Dave Nedbalek 11/09/2018

I love this action that Virginia ran some in their first exhbition. Obviously they are traditionaly a blocker mover team (BEAUTIFUL to watch them by the way), but this is a twist on the classic European ball screen continuity offense. In the normal ball screen continuity, the loaded wing would backdoor cut through and the ball screen would be executed with the guard lifting out of the corner. In this wrinkle, the Cavaliers set the side ball screen on the top player and let the corner shake action play out. This is one of my favorite actions, and one of the hardest to guard. Another benefit is as the ball is reversed, the opposite guard now has an empty side of the floor to reject his ball screen - as you in the clip below. On the FMS Blog: NCAA Preseason Top 25 XsOs - Teams 1-5 See More

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