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Basketball Play - Maryland Terrapins - Box Shuffle

Maryland Terrapins - Box Shuffle

Anonymous 02/02/2016

When you have a post player like Robert Carter and a point guard like Melo Trimble, it may sometimes seem like a coach can run anything and it would work. But you have to respect Mark Turgeon’s thinking on this play to put one of his best players in a good position to do what he is best at. This is a good set for any team, especially ones where a team has guards that have a hard time entering the ball into the post. The combination of the ball screen for the guard and the backscreen for big to the same side makes the post entry easy to make. See More

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Basketball Play - Warriors Motion Weak

Warriors Motion Weak

Anonymous 01/21/2016

Motion Weak, or "Thru", is a common NBA early offense set that can be run at any level. It is effective at using player movement and ball movement, trying to establish the post first and foremost, and getting a shooter open off a down screen. It is one of the best and most standard screen-the-screener actions, and it also results in tremendous floor balance with many wrinkles possible. Gregg Popovich of the Spurs has long been utilizing this set of offense. Steve Kerr and the Warriors have added a wrinkle, turning the set into a Horns formation off the down screen. See More

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Basketball Play - Maccabi


Anonymous 01/19/2016

Horns set starting with false motion into a high ball screen. The key is to move the defense with the false motion and then read to defense to set the appropriate late angle ball screen. Credit - Fran Fraschilla and Championship Productions See More

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Basketball Play - Pacers Curl Motion

Pacers Curl Motion

Anonymous 01/17/2016

This offense, common in high schools as a continuity, was run frequently by the Larry Bird Indiana Pacers teams from the late 1990s. It works really well for teams that have one great shooter who will draw extra attention as he cuts off a screen. See More

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Basketball Play - Spurs 54 Power

Spurs 54 Power

Anonymous 08/13/2015

NBA TV recently showed on their "Hardwood Classics" the 2003 NBA Finals between the San Antonio Spurs and the New Jersey Nets. In Game 6 late in the 2nd Quarter, the Spurs ran this quick hitter to get a pick and roll action with Tim Duncan and David Robinson. Duncan was able to hit Robinson rolling to the rim for a dunk. See More

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