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Basketball Play - Uno and Uno Counter

Uno and Uno Counter

Jacob Collins 08/02/2013

With the endless talk of Football on ESPN these days its hard to escape the pigskin, but I think there are a lot of things we can learn from Football Coaches. The use of misdirection is key in the game of football and under-utilized in the game of basketball. The first set is what our team calls "Uno" because it is a play for our 1 man. You will notice that it is a common action and either you or someone in your league probably runs this play. The second play is just a counter to the action, a misdirection play based on how the defense is playing you. See More

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Basketball Play - 98 Bulls Low

98 Bulls Low

Adam Spinella 07/15/2013

The 1998 Chicago Bulls ran this Baseline Out of Bounds play, particularly in the 1998 Playoffs against the Charlotte Hornets. The design was to get Pippen the ball on the block with shooters in Jordan and Kerr around him in the Triangle. Pippen is the first screener, then gets a screen set for him by Rodman in a "screen the screener" action. See More

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Basketball Play - Rub Pop Dirk

Rub Pop Dirk

Adam Spinella 07/11/2013

This was a play run at one time by the Dallas Mavericks in their 2011 NBA Championship run. The plan was to get Dirk and Kidd in a ballscreen read situation where Dirk could isolate at one of two spots on the floor and have proper spacing around him. See More

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Basketball Play - 2 low

2 low

John Leonzo 07/11/2013

Here is a quick hitter that can be run effectively against man to man so long as the offense reads the defense correctly. The effectiveness of this play lies in the screen the screener action that occurs between 2 and 3. 2 will always curl this screen looking to score, if 3's defender helps on 2, 1 should look to hit 3 in the short corner for a shot oppertunity. See More

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Basketball Play - 2 Swing

2 Swing

Kyle Gilreath 07/10/2013

Tuesday morning during their NBA Orlando Summer League game the Boston Celtics ran this post up action for Kelly Olynyk. What I love about this plays is usueally teams post up the player where the 3 is after 2 tries to rub into X3. But since X5 has to sit outside the lane or touch 5 this is a great set to run in the NBA because the floor is spaced for a nice post up on the block. See More

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Basketball Play - Spurs Screen The Screener

Spurs Screen The Screener

Kevin Bruinsma 07/05/2013

A very simple and common set that the San Antonio Spurs ran and scored effectively in the NBA Finals was their screen the screener action out of Early Offense. Miami began defending it by having their weakside corner defender moving up to the top of the key to be there on the catch, and allowing their defender to chuck the post player coming across the lane longer. The Spurs caught on and skipped it to the weakside corner once for a 3. See More

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Basketball Play - Flare Cross Special

Flare Cross Special

Randy Brown 06/14/2013

This double flare start in a three guard alignment with 1 at the point. 2 and 3 flare off screens from 4 and 5. First option is for 2 to take an open three or penetrate. On catch, 4 immediately screens across for 5, as 5 cuts to catch and score. 1 and 3 slide to the left side, leaving the top of the key open for 4 to pop and catch for high low action. Give it a try! See More

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Basketball Play - Pacer Deny Action

Pacer Deny Action

Kevin Bruinsma 06/14/2013

A common screen the screener set ran by a lot of High School, College, and NBA teams was used by the Indiana Pacers against the Miami Heat. As you will see in most of Indiana's play sets they run a lot of stuff for their 3 man, #24 Paul George. Here they use George to set the back screen for the post before he runs off 5's screen for a wing catch. He has the option to shoot, drive, or dump it inside to the posting #55 Roy Hibbert. See More

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Basketball Play - NBA Play of the Day June 3: Indiana Pacers Zipper Power

NBA Play of the Day June 3: Indiana Pacers Zipper Power

Kyle Gilreath 06/03/2013

The Indiana Pacers ran this Sideline Out of Bounds play on Saturday during Game 6 of the ECF versus the Miami Heat. I drew up several zipper actions from the Pacers last week and this ending is great to get your big posted up on the block with limited help. If the defense decides to double on the catch or earlier, you have 2 coming off a a pin-down or 4 slipping to the rim as options. See More

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Basketball Play - San Antonio Spurs WCF Sets

San Antonio Spurs WCF Sets

Kevin Bruinsma 05/31/2013

Here is the best stuff from the San Antonio Spurs in their 4-0 series sweep over the Memphis Grizzlies in the Western Conference Finals. There are quite a few plays as I wanted to be able to give you the Spurs playbook of their most successful actions and offensive sets. To best enjoy and learn from these play diagrams I recommend that you watch the video which is linked below as all of the diagrams are listed in order with the video clips. See More

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