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Basketball Play - Lob Sets - The Hill (SLOB)

Lob Sets - The Hill (SLOB)

Doug Brotherton 05/22/2017

"The Hill" is named after Greenhill School in Addison, Texas. At the 2017 TABC (Texas Association of Basketball Coaches) Clinic, there was a "Pass the Chalk" Event. This SLOB was drawn by Greenhill School boys varsity basketball coach, Joey Sims. I have added a double stagger to the end of the set, so that there is a secondary action, if the lob is not available. See More

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Basketball Play - Michigan Wolverines - Dive Wing Clear

Michigan Wolverines - Dive Wing Clear

Dave Nedbalek 03/26/2018

John Beilein's Two Guard offense is full of beautiful action and full of endless possibilities. You really need a dynamic 5 man who can shoot and force the defense to spread. This is a simple misdirection action to create a double driving gap. We are using this more and more since the way the game is officiated, and the rules are designed guarding the ball one on one with space for them to create is one of the hardest things to do defensively. If you are interested in learning more of the Two Guard offense, and getting a TON of quick hitters out of it I recommend Tom Jicha's dvd from Championship Productions. Ironically, I have never watched Beilein himself teach this, but we play several teams that run this offense and when run correctly with a big that can stretch the floor you are in for a long night defensively. See More

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Basketball Play - Pick & Roll Decision Making

Pick & Roll Decision Making

Michael Shaughnessy 08/17/2018

Great for group workouts forcing the players involved to communicate. Instead of just dictating who is shooting & passing, the ball-handler is forced to make a decision based off their teammates communication. Everyone involved in the drill is held accountable through every detail. The ball-handler has to come off with pace and use their eyes to see what's in front of them and their teammate before making a decision. The ball-handler's teammate has to be vocal and be shot ready. The drill will only go as smooth as the players communcation and togetherness. It forces them to take ownership as they must do when they get to the season. View: Mike Shaughnessy #FastModelTakeover - Twitter Moment See More

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Basketball Play - Go Gets: Shot, Go, Pass

Go Gets: Shot, Go, Pass

Michael Shaughnessy 08/21/2018

Here is a progression to my last post call "Go Gets". This drill adds in verbal or non-verbal communication forcing the players to be shot ready before catching the ball and have to react quickly within sustaining the correct habits. This also adds different actions working on passing and re-spacing on kick outs into different actions. It's a great way to have fun and challenge your players through just playing basketball (pass, move, drive, finish, shoot). Check out Mike's #FastModelTakeover Twitter Moment for an inside look at the life of a pro skills trainer and some awesome player development content! See More

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