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Basketball Play - Florida - Continuity Offense

Florida - Continuity Offense

Luke Riegel 11/07/2012

This continuity offense provides an opportunity to get all 5 offensive players involved within the screening action. It also has provided us with a great "2nd offense" that is completely different than our offense that we run traditionally. If you have guards that like to post-up and bigs that can play on the perimeter, this continuity will be beneficial. See More

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Basketball Play - Elbow Double Stack

Elbow Double Stack

Basketball HQ 10/04/2012

The double stack screeners need to set a good solid screen and the shooter needs to read if the defender is going to go under or over the screens. Having a good out of bounds plays can be the difference in a game. When you practice them make sure that you practice them full speed and talk about the different looks that the inbounder needs to make on the pass. This play is from the 2005-2006 Duke season. See More

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Basketball Play - Fade


Coach Czes 09/29/2012

1 passes to 2 and cuts to opposite corner. 4 steps to top of key. 4 cuts back door and 3 replaces at top. 2 dribbles at 3 and delivers pass. 5 sets a flare screen for 2. 3 hits 2 for the shot. 4 back screens for 1 as 5 rescreens for 2. 3 can hit 1 or 2. See More

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